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Is Tapswap Mining Legit? How Does Tapswap Work?

The success of Notcoin has sparked interest in other cryptocurrencies, such as TapSwap. TapSwap is a new cryptocurrency that has garnered significant attention, with many users already engaging with the platform in anticipation of its official launch.

However, there is still some uncertainty about whether TapSwap is legitimate. In this post, we will explore the legitimacy of TapSwap and compare it to our previous review of YesCoin.


How TapSwap Works?

Before we determine the legitimacy of TapSwap, let’s first understand how this platform operates.

What is TapSwap? Is tapswap mining legit?

TapSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Solana blockchain. It operates similarly to Notcoin, where users accumulate Taps tokens by interacting with a tap-to-earn mechanism.

The process involves simple tasks such as tapping on your screen, following social media handles, referring friends, or opening a crypto wallet.

These activities allow users to earn tokens in a manner reminiscent of traditional clicker games, which are popular for their simplicity and engagement. Click Here To Join 

The Method of Earning

1. Tapping to Earn: The primary method of earning Taps tokens is by tapping on the designated icon within the TapSwap Telegram bot interface. Each tap contributes to your total token balance.

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2. Completing Tasks: Additional tokens can be earned by completing tasks such as following TapSwap on social media, referring friends to the platform, or setting up a compatible Solana wallet.

3. No Financial Investment: One of the appealing aspects of TapSwap is that it requires no financial investment from users.

The only investment needed is your time, making it an attractive option for those looking to enter the cryptocurrency space without spending money upfront.


Is Tapswap Mining Legit?

Yes, TapSwap appears to be a legitimate clicker game that rewards users with Taps tokens, which can potentially be converted into real money once the coin is listed on major exchanges. Here’s why we believe TapSwap is legit:

  • No Financial Risk: TapSwap does not require any monetary investment, reducing the financial risk for users. Your only commitment is the time spent engaging with the platform.
  • Transparency and Community Engagement: TapSwap maintains a transparent approach by engaging with its community through social media and providing regular updates. The large and growing community further adds to its credibility.
  • Blockchain Integration: Built on the Solana blockchain, TapSwap leverages a well-established and secure blockchain network known for its speed and low transaction fees. This integration adds a layer of trust and reliability to the platform.
  • User Testimonials: Similar platforms like Notcoin have seen users successfully earn and withdraw funds, lending credibility to TapSwap’s potential.

Risks and Considerations

While TapSwap shows promise, there are some risks and considerations to keep in mind:

1. Token Value Volatility: The value of Taps tokens will depend on market conditions once listed. The initial price prediction is around $0.0001 per token, but this can fluctuate based on demand and trading volume.

2. Withdrawal Process: Users must be aware of the withdrawal process and any potential delays or issues. Ensure you understand the steps to link your Solana wallet and initiate withdrawals.

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3. Security Concerns: As with any online platform, security is paramount. Protect your wallet’s private keys and be cautious of phishing attempts or other security threats.


How to Join TapSwap

Joining TapSwap is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Download Telegram: If you don’t already have Telegram installed on your device, download and install it from the app store.

2. Follow the Invitation Link: Click on the invitation link provided to join the TapSwap bot on Telegram.

3. Sign Up and Start Tapping: Follow the instructions within the Telegram bot to sign up and start tapping. Begin accumulating Taps tokens by engaging with the platform’s tasks.

What are the possible price for TapSwap

The official listing price for TapSwap Coin is not yet confirmed, but initial predictions suggest it could be around $0.0001 per token (10,000 tokens = $1) once listed on major exchanges like Binance.

This is a speculative value and could change based on market dynamics.

When will TapSwap be launched?

According to the information available to us, the popular airdrop will be launch on 30th May 2024. So if you are a miner, get ready for the journey.

Is Tapswap really powered by Solana?

The short answer is. Yes

How do I withdraw my tapswap?

To withdraw your Tapswap tokens, follow these steps:

1. Engage with the Tapswap Telegram Bot:
– Continue interacting with the Tapswap Telegram bot to accumulate Taps tokens through the tap-to-earn process.
– Ensure you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold set by Tapswap.

2. Convert Points to Taps Tokens:
– Once you have enough points, they will be converted into Taps tokens, which are the native tokens of the Tapswap platform.

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3. Set Up a Solana Wallet:
– To withdraw Taps tokens, you need a Solana-compatible wallet. Popular choices include Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare.
– Create and secure your wallet by following the instructions on the wallet provider’s website.

4. Link Your Wallet to Tapswap:
– Within the Tapswap bot interface, there should be an option to link your Solana wallet.
– Provide your wallet address to the bot to set up withdrawals.

5. Initiate Withdrawal:
– Follow the instructions provided by the Tapswap bot to initiate a withdrawal.
– Specify the amount of Taps tokens you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction.

6. Confirm Transaction:
– Once you confirm the transaction, the Taps tokens should be transferred from the Tapswap platform to your Solana wallet.
– Check your wallet to ensure the tokens have been received.

7. Convert to Other Cryptocurrencies or Fiat:
– If desired, you can use a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Serum on the Solana network to convert your Taps tokens to other cryptocurrencies.
– For fiat conversion, you may need to transfer your cryptocurrency to a centralized exchange that supports withdrawals to your bank account.

Please Note. You can only withdraw with the coin is launch and listed on exchange.

Future Prospects

Given the integration with the Solana blockchain and the potential plans for further development, including the creation of a decentralized exchange (DEX), TapSwap has the potential to grow in value and utility.

The success of similar projects on the Solana network adds optimism for TapSwap’s future.


TapSwap presents an intriguing opportunity for users to earn cryptocurrency with minimal financial risk. By leveraging the Solana blockchain, TapSwap provides a fast, efficient, and secure platform for users to engage with.

While there are inherent risks associated with any cryptocurrency project, the structure and community engagement of TapSwap suggest it is a legitimate platform worth exploring.

As always, it’s important to conduct your own research and approach new investment opportunities with caution. Stay informed, secure your assets, and engage with the community to maximize your experience with TapSwap.

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