In today’s digital age, loan apps have revolutionized the lending landscape, offering convenience and accessibility to borrowers.

These apps have become a lifeline for those in need of quick funds, often granting access to loans with just a few taps on a screen.

However, with great convenience comes certain risks, and one of the concerns that borrowers frequently raise is whether these loan apps can withdraw money from their bank accounts without their consent.


Understanding Loan Apps’ Bank Access Permission

Before we talk about how to stop loan apps from debiting your account, It’s crucial to understand that loan apps can only withdraw money from your bank account if you grant them permission to do so.

When you apply for a loan through a loan app, you usually have to provide the app with access to your bank account.

This is done by linking your bank account or providing your debit card information. This access allows the app to automatically deduct loan repayments and fees from your account.

Can Loan Apps Withdraw Money From My Bank?

Yes, loan apps can withdraw money from your bank account, but only with your explicit permission.

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During the loan application process, you grant the app access to your bank account to facilitate repayments. This access is granted through your agreement to the app’s terms and conditions.

It’s essential to read these terms carefully and understand the app’s policies regarding fund withdrawals before proceeding.

How to Stop Loan Apps from Debiting Your Account

If you have Fall victim of loan apps unauthorized debit and you wish to learn how to put a stop to it, follow the steps below.


Repay Your Loan If Any

If you have an outstanding loan with a loan app, it’s essential to prioritize repayment.

By ensuring your loan is paid off according to the agreed-upon schedule, you mitigate the risk of unexpected deductions.

Regular repayments also help you maintain a positive credit history, which can be beneficial for future financial endeavors.

Login to Your Loan Apps and Remove Your ATM Card Details

To prevent further debits after you must have repaid your outstanding load, log in to the loan app and remove your ATM card details from your account settings.

This step end the direct link between the app and your bank account, giving you greater control over your finances.

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Be sure to follow the app’s specific procedures for removing card details to ensure you complete the process correctly.

Uninstall the App

If you no longer require the services of a particular loan app, consider uninstalling it from your device.

Removing the app eliminates the possibility of accidental or unauthorized transactions. However, ensure that you have repaid any outstanding loans before taking this step.

Is it possible for a loan app to block your BVN?

No, loan apps do not have the capability to block your BVN (Bank Verification Number).

Your BVN is a unique identifier linked to your bank account and personal information. It’s primarily used for verifying your identity and preventing fraudulent activities.

However, you failed to repay your loan, the loan company can report your BVN to  CBN and restrictions maybe placed on your BVN pending when you clear your loan.



In the modern financial landscape, loan apps offer a convenient way to access funds quickly.

While concerns about unauthorized withdrawals are valid, it’s important to note that these apps can only debit your account with your explicit consent.

By understanding the permission you grant during the loan application process, you can take control of your financial security.

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Remember to prioritize loan repayments, remove your ATM card details from the app, and consider uninstalling the app when it’s no longer needed.

By following these steps, you can confidently navigate the world of loan apps while safeguarding your bank account from unauthorized debits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?

What are loan apps?

Loan apps are mobile applications that offer quick access to funds for various purposes, often without the need for traditional credit checks.

How do loan apps access my bank account?

When you connect your bank account to a loan app, you grant permission for the app to initiate transactions and debits.

Can I get my money back from unauthorized debits?

Yes, by notifying your bank promptly, you can take steps to stop the unauthorized debits and recover any lost funds.

Are all loan apps risky?

Not necessarily. Researching app reviews, ratings, and user experiences can help you identify reputable and secure loan apps.

What legal actions can I take against loan apps causing unauthorized debits?

You can report the issue to consumer protection agencies and seek legal assistance to hold the loan app accountable for unauthorized transactions.


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