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Legit Chinese Gift Card Vendor Whatsapp Number In Nigeria – Buy & Sell

Discover the best Chinese gift card vendors in Nigeria and streamline your gift card transactions.

Chinese gift card vendor whatsapp number

Looking for reliable Chinese gift card vendor Whatsapp number in Nigeria to buy and sell gift cards efficiently and safely? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll unveil the top Chinese gift card vendors’ WhatsApp numbers to streamline your gift card transactions.


What Is A Gift Card?

First, let’s clarify what a gift card is for those new to the concept. A gift card is a prepaid card with a specific monetary value that allows you to purchase goods or services from a particular retailer or a group of retailers.

They are often given as gifts, providing recipients the freedom to choose what they want.

Gift cards can be used in physical stores or online, serving as a form of stored value that decreases as you make purchases until the balance is depleted or the card expires.

Store gift cards are specific to particular merchants, while general-use prepaid gift cards are not tied to any store and can even be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

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Now, why are Chinese gift card vendors so essential? Whether you’re in Nigeria, the US, or anywhere else, connecting with Chinese gift card vendors is lucrative, as they offer some of the best rates for gift card exchanges.

Chinese consumers have a high demand for gift cards, which drives these favorable rates.

Chinese gift card suppliers on WhatsApp are particularly trustworthy and offer excellent exchange rates. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best Chinese gift card vendors to buy and sell gift cards.

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Best Chinese Gift Card Vendors

When seeking reliable Chinese gift card vendors with competitive rates, you can follow these three strategies:

1. Using a Professional Gift Card Trading Platform:

Opt for a reputable gift card trading platform like Paxful. Paxful, a United States-based platform, buys various gift cards and enjoys a solid reputation for trustworthiness.

2. Utilizing Certified Chinese E-Commerce Platforms

Register on Chinese e-commerce platforms that accept international numbers.

Once registered, search for the type of gift card you have (e.g., Steam, iTunes, Google Play) and find numerous buyers interested in your cards.

You can communicate with them privately to initiate transactions.

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Best Chinese gift card vendor whatsapp number

Easily connect with Chinese gift card vendors through WhatsApp numbers to buy and sell your gift cards at your convenience.

This is a straightforward and efficient way to trade your cards.

We understand that the whole process of getting a good Chinese gift card vendor with the aforementioned strategies could be stressful and time consuming.

Because of that, we have a legit Chinese gift card vendors WhatsApp numbers in Nigeria where you can chat and connect with him directly on WhatsApp for your gift cards.

This sounds cool right? instead of looking for Chinese vendors with the best gift card rate, you can just chat him up directly on Whatsapp so you can buy and sell gift cards from Nigeria/anywhere at any time.


Where to buy gift cards in China

You can utilize the strategies mentioned above to find Chinese vendors for gift cards in China.

However, if you’re looking for competitive rates and efficiency, connecting with Chinese gift card vendors on WhatsApp is the way to go.

In addition to the strategies listed, several companies excel in the gift card business. Two notable options are:

1. Zhang Tao: The founder of Great Wall Trading Co., Ltd., Zhang Tao is a reliable gift card buyer who accepts a wide range of gift cards at competitive rates, including eBay, Google, Steam, Sephora, Razer Gold, and more.

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2. LIHAO: In charge of Wanshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., LIHAO is a professional manager with strong business acumen.

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Best Gift Card Exchange Rates

Below are the current gift card exchange rates as at the time of this article!

The exchange rate changes at any time!
So, If you have gift cards that need to be redeemed, please contact Chinese gift card vendor on WhatsApp!

They will give you the best price! They are are legal and not fraudulent!


(USD$100=77500naira) (EUR$100=74000naira)
(CAD$100=48000naira) (AUD$100=43000naira)
(GBP$100=85500naira) (CHF$100=76500naira)


(USD$100=70000naira) (EUR$100=76000naira)
(CAD$100=52000naira) (AUD$100=37000naira)


Apple gift card—-(USD–500=490000naira)slow card
For other countries, please consult the exchange rate


For other countries, please consult the exchange rate




For other countries, please consult the exchange rate

Gift card WhatsApp group link.

If you’re involved in the gift card business and seek gift card trading WhatsApp group links, we’ve got you covered. Below is a link where you can effortlessly buy or sell gift cards:

CLICK HERE TO VISIT NOW!!! Or Whatsapp +86 180 0513 4838

In summary, when dealing with gift cards and looking for Chinese vendors, remember that connecting with them on WhatsApp is a convenient and efficient option. Now, you have the resources to buy and sell gift cards securely and smoothly.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Vendor’s Now!!! 


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